Heat's review is in Heat’s review is in

Happy chocolate laden Easter. Mine was lovely, thanks, with lots of hearty walks and even heartier stews down in Dorset. Back now to a great review in Heat magazine, thanking them for both the review and the gorgeous looking page upon which it sits. ‘Witty, sharp and absorbing with a dark edge that we loved.’ Why thank you. I would love to be described as dark and witty myself, but … Read the full entry

Me, Hello! and The Weekend Wives

I used to work for Hello! Magazine almost twenty years ago when I lived in Madrid. To which everyone would say, don’t you mean you worked at ¡Hola! (quite a challenge typing one of those upside-down exclamation marks, I can tell you), but no, I worked for the English version but in Spain. They had a very strange system whereby the magazine was mostly written in London but edited and … Read the full entry

It’s the final countdown…

March is a wonderful time of rebirth and renewal, daffodils and delight. The 10th is also the date of publication of the trade paperback of The Weekend Wives. I’ve got various bits and pieces of press to do with it and the whole concept of the part-time marriage. According a recent report by estate agents Hamptons, families seeking to leave London are casting their nets further and further away from the capital, … Read the full entry

Life imitating art…

Whenever I write something a little bit outlandish and possibly technically impossible, life goes and proves me right all along. Bit of a spoiler here, but in The A-List Family, there is a house collapse caused by the hubristic creating of layers of underground excavating. When I wrote the book, there had been various cases of street sink holes and huge subsidence caused by such work in London. But nothing … Read the full entry

New term new book new cover New term new book new cover

It’s September, that traditional time of new stationery sets and pencil cases. And, in my case, gorgeous artwork for my new book, The Weekend Wives (to be publishe d Spring). What the wonderful team at Hodder have done here is maintain elements of my previous covers (such as the typeface used for my name), while giving it a different feel appropriate to the content of the book. I love that … Read the full entry

What happens when I finish a first draft…

About few weeks ago I finished the draft of my new book and emailed it off to my agent and my editor. The process of sending your work for someone else to read has been likened to sending out your used underwear; it feels that exposing and intimate. Fortunately they both like it, which allays the mortification a bit. They both also promptly went off on holiday, which gives me a glorious hiatus when … Read the full entry