Press for The Weekend Wives

Heat says it’s ‘witty, sharp and absorbing with a darker edge that we loved’.

Hello! Magazine described it as a ‘charming book’ here.

Rachel’s Random Reads describes it as a ‘thoroughly enjoyable read’.

Tracy Shephard says that The Weekend Wives is ‘a wonderful tale. I loved it… perfect for a lazy day’s read.

Bibliomaniac ‘truly enjoyed this book’ and wrote a lovely, warm review of it.

Press for The A-List Family

Sunday Mirror, 11 May 2014: ‘A very funny satire on fame and the media, you will race through this indulgent treat.’ Link here.

Daily Express, 9 May 2014: ‘This hilariously lifts the shades on an uber-glamorous world where the paparazzi turn up for the school run, everyone knows your name and your bikini body has to last all year.’ Link to the full review.

Daily Mail, 9 May 2014: ‘A great premise and the book’s full of spot-on brilliance.’ Link to the full review.

Good Housekeeping, June 2014: ‘A razor-sharp dissection of the madness of modern fame. Link.

Image Magazine, June 2014: ‘A highly readable story about a most unusual family set-up.’ Link.

Red Magazine, June 2014: The Nanny Diaries meets Sex And The City.’ Link.

Now Magazine, 12 May 2014: ‘Behind all the paparazzi flashes, Anna soon starts to feel suffocated by the ultra-luxe lifestyle and realises that nothing is what it seems.’ Link to full review, here.

One More Page blog: ‘The finale to the story is certainly dramatic; wonderfully far-fetched yet actually believable… Christina’s sharp and witty observations make The A-LIst Family an escapist read with an edge.’ Link

We Love This Book blog: Christina Hopkinson’s book offers a wonderful portrait of celebrity through the eyes of outsider, Anna… a light, wry take on life behind the scenes of the A-List and an easy, accessible read. Link.


Press about Just Like Proper Grown-ups

The Daily Mail, 23 August 2012: ‘Sharp, funny and deliciously rude.’ Link to the full review.

The Lady, 16 August 2012: ‘This new novel from Hopkinson reveals the truth behind the closed doors of modern life – messy relationships, sex, growing old and the fascination both sexes have for youth and beauty. Just Like Proper Grown-Ups is a hugely witty read, which will appeal to almost everyone.’ 4 stars. Link to the full review.

Fabulous Magazine, 19 August 2012 (The Sun’s Sunday magazine): ‘This is a well-written, absorbing story, with lots of little touches that make it believable and true to life. I like the way that each person’s story is important to the novel as a whole, and how the five main characters work through their highs and lows to unite for the baby at the centre of the book. Although at times the story feels a little dark and depressing, there is definitely a feeling of hope and happiness by the end as new life enters the world. This is a great grown-up novel for everyone who’s terrified of growing up (that will be all of us, then)!’ Link to the full review, though it’s behind a paywall.


Press about The Pile of Stuff


The Daily Mail, 25 March 2011 : ‘It’s fantastically well-written, searingly truthful, occasionally very moving’. Link to full review.

Red Magazine, April edition: ‘A great comic novel on marriage and motherhood… very funny.’ Four stars.

Marie Claire, April edition: ‘It’s flippant and sharply funny, but at the heart of this novel there is a terrible poignancy, a familiar story that charts the effect of procreation on a loving relationship.’

Grazia, 22 February: ‘Ignore the chores and read this… A funny, thought-provoking take on what happens to a relationship when children come along.’

The Bookseller: ‘An enjoyable and engaging read –  I loved it – but amid the fun there’s some sharp-eyed comment about the way that having children can skewer a previously equal relationship. Really does merit comparison with the mega-selling I Don’t Know How She Does It and I think this one could be huge.’

Cosmopolitan Australia, April edition, Book of the Month: ‘This is a so-real-it’s-scary, look at marriage, motherhood and the war on the domestic front – and what can happen to love when the mundane chores of life get in the way.’

Herald Sun:  An extract ran in the Sunday edition of Australia’s most popular newspaper, which is apparently unusual for a work of fiction.

And here’s a couple from the US

Romantic Times Magazine: ‘A hilarious, charming story about one woman who is sick and tired of her husband not helping around the house… Hopkinson uses just the right amount of humor to get her point across without being over the top. There are some sex scenes that may be too sizzling for some readers, but this should not prevent them from enjoying the book.’

Publishers Weekly: ‘This sharp look at the craziness of modern life… Hopkinson nails a marriage cracking into a million pieces, and manages to make you believe that there’s always a way to patch things up.’

Some other stuff written about The Pile…

I love this piece by Jenny McCartney, Sunday Telegraph, 6 March 2011. She’s made the point I’m trying to make in the book so more articulately and succinctly. I have huge intellectual crush on her.

Sandra Parsons is the Daily Mail’s big-name Wednesday columnist. She asks whether women give up on marriage too easily here.

Very funny piece by Sam Leith retaliating against The Pile in the Times here. Lots of very true things that some women do that annoy men. I plead extra-specially guilty to the one about bad driving directions. Unfortunately it’s behind a paywall, but if you’re desperate to read it, contact me and I’ll send you a pdf of it.

Some stuff by me

Guardian, Family Section, 3 March 2012. First-person piece where I talk about marriage to a divorce lawyer. I don’t think I’ve had as much feedback on a piece ever, perhaps something to do with the fact that the front-page of the Family Section was dominated by a larger-than-life-size photo of my face, with each pore blown up to the size of an M&M. People kept on unhelpfully pointing out that I’m less wrinkled in the flesh. It’s a photo and, unless the paper was counter-intuitively photoshopping on the imperfections, it doesn’t lie. It was also syndicated to the Mail.

Daily Mail, 5 March 2011. Piece in which Giles Coren and I take opposing sides in listing all that annoys us about our partners (in general, my husband is of course guilty of none of these sins).

20 February 2010 – piece on getting sucked into obsessing over home decor  in the Sunday Times Style magazine with photograph of me looking uncharacteristically groomed. Here’s a link, though you won’t be able to read it unless you’re a Times subscriber.

Also did a piece in Grazia about what you hate most about the one you love. Very flattering photo thanks to their wonderful photographer, stylist and make-up people. The dress is Lanvin and I was very tempted to do a Lindsay Lohan and nick it. Will try to put a PDF of it up here.

And here’s some links to pieces that I’ve written for the national press over the years. It’s only a small sample since many publications (such as Grazia and Red) don’t put their features onto the net.

For Woman & Home

  • Me on the virtues of a lazy marriage
  • This is about the wisdom of choosing godparents (written under a pseudonym for reasons I won’t bore you with).
  • And here’s one about my husband’s epic snoring (or not as it turns out).
  • Ah, the joys of being home alone.

For the Daily Mail

  • How I learned to love my big bum (this one complete with cheesy look-at-my-big-bum pics and some rather hair-raising reader comments at the, er, bottom of the piece.

For the Times:

For the Daily Telegraph:

For the Guardian:

2 thoughts on “Press

  1. First I feel the need to let you know I have never written to anyone in the papers before.
    I have just read your article ‘Forget adultery, the worst threat to marriage is clutter’.
    I laughed out loud. You could have been writing about my life. From the Christmas cracker tat on the mantelpiece, which ends up breaking the Hoover, to Tupperware lids ( I have an enviable collection) to and this is my favourite, wanting to wear white and live in a house with white things! I know very little about Gwyneth Paltrow but find myself wanting her life!
    With a husband who works abroad a lot, two stepchildren and an 11 year old, two dogs, two cats and five chickens I don’t see things changing anytime soon.

    Thanks for making me laugh
    H McLay Riis

  2. Hello Hilary, what a lovely message to read, I’m really flattered that you should have taken the trouble to post it.

    With 14 living things in your house, I’m not surprised you’ve a lot of clutter! I’m thinking about getting a dog and then I wonder, why on earth am I contemplating another mess generator!

    Thanks so much again, Christina

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