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the weekend wives

Published in March 2016 by Hodder & Stoughton.

weeeknd wives coverPart-time marriages… full-time secrets. The lives of three women are tested as they’re forced to live miles from where their other halves work. For Saskia, a Skype connection to Ned in LA proves to no replacement for real contact, especially with the appearance of a mysterious woman from his past. Emily is new to the village and the weekend wife life, but her determination to make the most of living in the country is constantly tested, not least by acquiring the world’s weirdest dog. Tamsin is resigned to life with the controlling John, but the chance reading of a children’s book brings back memories of teenage lust and chaos.

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the a-list family

A list cover

Published in May 2014 by Hodder & Stoughton.

The novel tells the story of Anna, tutor to a very famous offspring named Antigone, and the murky world of servants and celebrity that she enters when she comes to live in their large London home. When life is lived in public, nothing and nobody turns out to be what they seem.

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grown upsjust like proper grown-ups

This was published in hardcover by Hodder & Stoughton in August 2012, right in the middle of the Olympics (writing books is athletics for nerds) and then in paperback in February 2013.

It’s about a woman who shocks her friends by announcing a mysterious pregnancy and the way that the birth of her child changes all of their lives.

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The Pile of Stuff at the Bottom of the Stairs

This is published in hardcover by Hodder & Stoughton in March 2011 – just in time for mother’s day, despite (or because of) it being ambivalent about the joys of parenting. The red and blue cover (left) is the UK version.

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It’s also being published in hardcover in the United States in hardcover by Grand Central in April 2011. Their cover (right) is very different but equally attractiveand a host of other countries and here they are so far and in no particular order:

  • Germany
  • Holland
  • Slovenia
  • Slovakia
  • China
  • Russia
  • Brazil
  • Poland

I’m fascinated as to why it has sold in some territories and not in others. It will be interesting to see whether its particular take on the life of a modern woman chimes more with one country than another. I’m particularly intrigued to know about its reception in China…

Izobel Brannigan.com

My first novel was published in the UK by Piatkus in 2004. The eponymous heroine is an ordinary girl, working a good but dull PR job, and with a lousy––but slightly less dull––boyfriend. Out of boredom, she decides to Google herself and finds an entire website devoted to her, describing a fun, exciting, and glamorous lifestyle that she’s certain she’s not living. Curious, she starts searching for the mysterious admirer who thinks so highly of her, and no one is safe from her questions. Her friends, her colleagues, old boyfriends… even new flames are all at risk. The more she searches, the more her life begins to reflect what she read on the Internet. After dumping the boyfriend and doing some serious soul-searching, Izobel begins to wonder who’s more real: Izobel Brannigan the person, or Izobel Brannigan.com?

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“Four stars… a witty wonder”
Star Magazine

“Thought-provoking and very difficult to put down. The product of an exciting new talent.”
Clare de Vries, author of I & Claudius

“An insightful debut-witty, wise, and worth reading.”
The Mirror

“A fast, feisty, and topical page-turner that will make you think twice (or maybe even three times) before Googling yourself.”
Carole Cadwalladr, author of The Family Tree

It was published in the US by Five Spot (part of Hachette) as Cyber Cinderella.

“While Hopkinson’s novel is charmingly British, the dilemmas Izobel faces in this techie romp are universal and will certainly resonate with US readers.”
Publishers Weekly

“Part romance, part mystery, part modern comedy–this novel has a lot to recommend it to fans of chick lit.”
Aleksandra Kostovski Booklist

“Christina Hopkinson is a true talent in a fresh genre. Snatch up this book and any others she may pen. You won’t regret it. Bridget Jones, watch out! Izobel Brannigan has your number–and a cooler name!”
Wantz Upon a Time reviews

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  1. i had purchased ” cyber cinderalla” back in 2009 and just now (2012) got around to reading it. and i just absolutely loved it! i would have never guessed in a million years who was behind the website. i, too thought it was the techie, ivan. absolutely loved it.

    • Why did I not see this message earlier? I’m so sorry, I have got to be more careful with my website. Thank you so much Bobbi, I’m thrilled that you enjoyed the book. Tell your friends!

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