We’re going to Miami…

I’ve had the most glamorous week of my life. This is not difficult since my life usually revolves around the short dog-poo splattered walk to school and then back home to my slippers and computer.

Earlier in the week I was photographed by Grazia, who not only send hair/make-up person, but also a stylist, Mary-Anna. If she could make me look a tenth as elegant as her, then I will look better than I’ve ever looked. My favourite ‘piece’ (I feel I can use the language of fashion now, will also start referring to a ‘trouser’) was a green silk Lanvin dress. The most expensive was an Alexander McQueen python jacket retailing at £6,000. Which is more than our car. Admittedly our car is an ancient Ford Focus.

Then I accompanied my husband to a convention of matrimonial lawyers in Miami. It was much more fun than it sounds and Miami is amazing. In my very limited experience, US cities really deliver exactly what you hope and dream they will. You think that Miami will be full of beautiful toned and tanned people, rollerblading amid art deco buildings and, lo, it is. It’s as if you came to London and every man was wearing a bowler hat or dressed as a punk, and all car journeys involved going past the Houses of Parliament.

So Miami, fabulously flashy and trashy, but more unexpectedly it’s home to the most amazing independent books stores, Books & Books. I went to the stores in Coral Gables and Miami Beach and met with their owner and some of those that work there, and a more enthusiastic, charming, cultured bunch of people you couldn’t hope to come across.

My bad photo (above) doesn’t do it justice, but both stores are so spacious and welcoming.

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