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USA Today has over 3 million readers and lots of other very big impressive statistics. It also reviewed my book in a chick-lit round-up. I’m always a bit ambivalent about that term, but if it’s a great review in a stonking paper, then who am I to complain? They say ‘Funny and full of familiar anecdotes about family life, including a cringe-worthy, but hilarious incident with a “poo crayon,” British author Christina Hopkinson’s tale is a worthy summer contender for mommy book clubs.’

For the full review go here.

Now that’s a lovely review, but in a spirit of full disclosure I’ll also link to a couple of more mixed ones from the States (local papers, pah). They both like the style of my writing, but are unsure about the likability of the heroine. I feel rather defensive of my Mary, but obviously she’s not everyone’s cup of tea/skinny latte. I like heroes to be flawed and her journey from sometimes unjustifiably stroppy to more pragmatic is central to the book. She does divide people and by choosing to make my protagonist not entirely sympathetic, then there’s a tightrope to be walked. Some readers fall on one side of it. I’d be interested to have any feedback about readers responses to her and whether it changes in the course of the book.

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  1. Christina, I just finished ‘The Pile…’, and I’m very glad I did – altho I am having a very hard time getting a certain kinky sex scene out of the stray thoughts part of my brain! I almost gave up on teh book – Mary was so unhappy and it all seemed so hopeless and miserable – but then she’d say or think something which hit all the right notes for me (I’ve thought that too! I wished I’d said that!), and I’m awfully glad I finished. Thank you – and especially, thank you for Becky’s loving guidance – I do wish she’d found her happily ever after, tho.

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