Very lovely Dutch edition

De Troep onder aan de Trap is the wonderful title for ┬ámy ‘roman over het huwelijk, werk en moederschap’ (I’m guessing that says ‘a novel about housework, work and motherhood’, but Dutch speakers can correct me*). As you can see by this picture, it’s got a great cover with judicious use of pink and lovely blocky feel. My Dutch is sadly limited but I’m sure Emilin Lap has done a sterling job on the translation because she certainly writes a good email as has the publisher Juliette Van Wersch and publicist Elaine Oey. Hartelijk dank to all at AW Bruna.

When I’m feeling energetic and web literate and I’ll scan in the Polish and Slovenian editions too as I’m always interested in different cover designs. I’m also reliably informed that in the Polish edition the title is rendered ‘How I didn’t murder my husband’.

*A Dutch speaker, Dijan, did correct me! Huwelijk means marriage, which makes more sense. I wish I weren’t a anglophone monoglot… Thanks too to Jolanda who also picked me up on my woeful Dutch. I always feel ashamed when I hear the perfect English of Northern Europeans – usually a lot better than that spoken by native speakers.

She also pointed out this piece in De Telegraaf, which is Holland’s biggest newspaper. It’s in anticipation of an interview with me that took place yesterday in London with a really interesting young journalist called Elske van der Velden.

Thanks to both of them.

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