Paperback publication day is here

Today is the day of the paperback release of The Pile of Stuff at the Bottom of the Stairs.┬áIt is not marked by a launch party and a new frock, rather by looking after my children since it’s half-term week. In fact, paperback publication is odd, like a renewal of wedding vows without any sort of party, but in many ways it’s more important than its hardback equivalent since it’s where the sales really happen.

There is some excitement – ads on websites such as Mumsnet and these (pictured) rather beautiful table ads in Coffee Republic. Sadly I don’t have a branch near me or I’d be in there stroking it lovingly, and possibly being arrested in the process.

Anyway, the book is very reasonably priced with a new even lovelier cover so even those who’ve already got the hardback might want a companion piece.

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