The A-List Family is unleashed

A list coverMy new book The A-List Family is out today. Publication day is a bit like a birthday in that it can feel stressful, exciting and a little bit embarrassing (especially if, like me, you do insist on putting sex scenes into your book).

Yesterday, Twitter alerted to me to the fact that Jade Craddock from We Love This Book had reviewed the A-List Family. I felt quite shaky to click on the link. You never know if readers are going to enjoy or understand the book in the way you’ve intended.

I was most relieved and pleased to find that Jade had absolutely got it and seemed to have enjoyed it. ‘A wonderful portrait of celebrity though the eyes of outsider, Anna’. I was particularly pleased that the bits she liked best were the scenes between Anna, the recent graduate hired as a tutor, and Antigone, the little girl at the heart of the story. These were the scenes I most struggled with because I wanted them to be touching. Thank you so much Jade for your thoughtful and kind review.

There’s also a great review from an Amazon Vine reviewer. If you’re unfamiliar with these, they’re reviewers handpicked by Amazon and as such completely neutral. There is no way they could be the author under a pseudonym for example, not that I would do such a thing (though I have encouraged friends who’ve enjoyed my books to think about doing a review). Anyway, it’s a great start and I’m grateful to her too for another perceptive review.

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