Holidays, hangouts and happy tweets

A few random thoughts and bits and pieces of news.

Today I did my first ‘Google hangout’ for Telegraph Wonder Women. It was on the subject of paternity leave, something I haven’t had to think about for nigh on six years. My take was, broadly, that we should be thinking about what it’s for before we worry about how long it should be for. Then I guess we have to work on making it as acceptable as maternity leave. It was telling that when I was looking at how ours compares to others, the Wiki page redirected ‘paternity leave’ to ‘parental leave’. Then again ‘maternity leave’ re-directs to an episode of Lost by that name.

It was all very modern. I don’t even Skype or FaceTime very often so I still get discombobulated by whole my face-in-the-corner thing. And unlike writing, it necessitates the washing of hair and the applying of make-up. Anyway, you can see the results here.

While I was wittering about fathers, a very nice tweet from Lucy Mangan was brought to my attention by the novelist Harriet Lane. She tweeted: ‘Have had unexpectedly lovely time reading The A-List Family,by Christina Hopkinson.Bright,fizzy,refreshing- perfect summer,race-thru-it read’

That really made my day as it can feel so lonely in the echo chamber of writing/fannying around on the Internet. I also love Lucy’s columns in the Guardian and I know she’s a big book reader so I was very gratified. As an aside, I adored Harriet Lane’s Alys Always. It’s a very compulsive story about a woman who inveigles herself into the lives of a gilded literary family. It’s got a touch of the Patricia Highsmiths/Ripleys about it, which is high praise indeed. She’s got a new one called Her out which is top of my holiday reading wish list.

Another bit of completely unconnected news is that I wrote a piece for Woman & Home about holidays with loved ones and how they expose more than just your, ahem, ‘bikini body’. Here it is.

Lastly, here I am quoted about Angelina Jolie. Quite the media maven I’ve been this week…

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