New term new book new cover

the weekend wives pb 3min (1)It’s September, that traditional time of new stationery sets and pencil cases. And, in my case, gorgeous artwork for my new book, The Weekend Wives (to be publishe
d Spring). What the wonderful team at Hodder have done here is maintain elements of my previous covers (such as the typeface used for my name), while giving it a different feel appropriate to the content of the book. I love that they’ve made it softer, warmerĀ and appropriately rural (it’s set in the countryside), while avoiding anything twee. This is a tricky challenge and one that has been accomplished with aplomb.

The dog on the cover is significant. There is a we-need-to-talk-about-Fido sub plot that was an attempt to exorcise my fur baby broodiness. It has not succeeded…

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