Me, Hello! and The Weekend Wives

I used to work for Hello! Magazine almost twenty years ago when I lived in Madrid. To which everyone would say, don’t you mean you worked at ┬íHola! (quite a challenge typing one of those upside-down exclamation marks, I can tell you), but no, I worked for the English version but in Spain. They had a very strange system whereby the magazine was mostly written in London but edited and produced out in Spain, alongside some articles translated from the Spanish version. Which is why you may have noticed a strange preponderance of features about Julio Iglesias and Juan Carlos.

Every week, one or two couriers would fly over from the UK bringing envelopes filled with the photos to be used in that week’s edition. How old does it make me feel to remember a time when couriers would physically carry photos rather than emailing them over in seconds?

But that was all a long time ago and I have nothing to do with the magazine now. It was great, for old times’ sake, to read a good review of The Weekend Wives in it, which you can find here. ‘Charming’, I’ll take that. Find it here.


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