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Blog Tour PosterThe last week of June 2016 and everyone’s a bit distracted and confused. I’m certainly not going to add to the forest of words written about national events this week (though maybe the time has come to take the Remain poster out of window). Amid all this, it’s the paperback publication of The Weekend Wives. This sounds confusing as a paperback came out earlier this year, but that was a bigger, more expensive format. This one is cheaper and perfect for holiday packing. And nothing to do with globalisation, nationalism etc, etc.

To mark this, I’ve been doing my first blog tour. Essentially, one of the many and very brilliant book blogs out there focusses on the book each day of the week with a piece written by me and (usually) a review too. I am heartened and humbled by the hard work so many bookworms put into these sites. It makes me feel optimistic about the future of the book when there are so many enthusiasts out there.

On Monday, I wrote a piece about why writers love their fitness trackers for Bibliomaniac and its editor/founder Katherine has written a great review, saying ‘it is a witty novel and I smirked, giggled and rolled my eyes in agreement all the way through it.’ She adds that at the moment, it hits the spot.

Tuesday, it’s the turn of Jaffa Reads Too with a piece by me on conjuring up the village that takes a central role in the village and a review in which Jo describes it as ‘a well-written story with a modern edge’.

Then on Wednesday it’s the turn of Hodder’s book club and reading group, Bookends, for which I’ve written about how I use visualising the decorating details of my characters’ houses to get further into their psyches.

Just updating this on Thursday 30th, which is official day of publication (though in our Amazon world, this is less significant than once was). Tracy Shephard has written a lovely review (‘this is a wonderful tale. I loved it’) which you can find here.

My last update is for The Barefooted Dandelion who hosts a post by me about where ideas from (short answer: random places) and a review of the book, which she calls ‘is pure genius and hilariously funny, and is a great light hearted book’.

Massive thank you to all these lovely book bloggers, who work so hard for the love of reading.

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