Check out Hodder’s website

Hodder & Stoughton have a great website where you can find information about all their imprints and authors, including bestsellers such as David Nicholls, Jodi Picoult and Chris Cleave.

There are individual pages for authors including one for Christina Hopkinson (odd to write of oneself in third person, but good for ‘search engine optimisation’, apparently). It can be found here.

In 1997, I worked in an office with a wonderful woman named Alison Potter, who remains a good friend. Completely coincidentally*, she’s having her first novel published by Hodder this year too. It’s a thriller called Wink Murder and you can read more about it here. Her writing name is Ali Knight due to sharing a surname with that pesky boy wizard…

*Yes it is a total coincidence although it probably sounds as we live in some sort of cosy media/publishing coterie, brunches with Martin and Julian etc. Sadly, this is very far from the truth and in fact we are constantly amazed by our coincidental good fortune.

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