Fixabook’s thoughts on the paperback cover is a brilliant site authored by two graphic designers with a ferocious interest in book design and covers. All publishers are beware of their merciless eye for a much-aped trend. They’ve turned their gaze towards the paperback cover for The Pile.

I’m thrilled to report that, essentially, they love it. Here are their thoughts, generally welcoming it as a fresh approach to the genre: ‘At long, long last… a women’s fiction title that hasn’t resorted to a headless woman, romantic urban purple or any of the other slavishly followed trends in the genre. (Do take a look at their site for whole galleries of examples of such looks).

They do have two minor quibbles with it, not with the whole concept but more that it didn’t go far enough. I do see their point, but I love the strap line and don’t feel that the hand compromises the overall gender neutrality of the cover.

Despite these teeny-weeny points, they conclude ‘this is a big success both on the shelf and online… nice work.’

Am really thrilled with this response and want to thank Sarah Christie, the designer responsible for it at Hodder, for her hard work.

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