My new book is out next week and here’s the cover

In the excitement of the Olympics and the summer holidays, I’ve almost forgotten that my book Just Like Proper Grown-ups is out in hardcover on the 16th August. It can be pre-ordered on Amazon and available in all good bookshops and all that.

It’s so easy to get distracted when I finished it exactly a year ago and am already in the thick of the next one. The publishing schedule of hardbacks and paperbacks is so out-of-kilter with the process of writing the manuscripts that we authors can get confused. I sometimes feel as though I’m being expected to swap families every so often. I got two characters’ names mixed up the other day, but then since I get my own children’s names wrong most of the time I’m not sure what this shows.

Hodder as ever have designed up a brilliant cover that conveys much without ever resorting to pink swirly girlieness. I’d be interested to know what anyone else thinks of it?

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