The, ahem, creative process

Back in March I wrote a guest blog for Jon Rance, a very talented novelist who not only writes clever books, he’s also clearly much better at blog creation and updating than I am. (That’s his book cover on the right).

It expresses quite well the way that I feel about the ‘creative process’ in that, in my case, it feels anything but. The more ruthless, uptight and organised I am, the more creative I can actually be. But left to flounder waiting for Godot-like muse and I am paralysed.

I suspect that the most productive (if not necessarily the best) writers are extremely self-disciplined. In fact, if I were inviting the good fairies to give gifts to my children, self-discipline would be right up there with charm (of the making others feel good about themselves, rather than the smarmy, variety).

Anyway, here’s the link to it and the rest of Jon’s site.

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